Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silicon Dream (1987-1995)

"Rambo in studio one kills an alligator
Arnold Schwarzenegger's son beats the terminator"

My friend Chad showed me what he feels may be the next big internet sensation. These are several videos from German synth-pop group Silicon Dream. It is definitely a product of the culmination many artist who came before the groups and its main member, Klaus Munzert.

I am extremely surprised this music is from 1987, this sound is definitely reminiscent of what was going on in Italo Disco the early 80s. But who am I to judge!

Here is a 2007 interview with Klaus Munzert.

Andromeda reminds me a lot of the Pet Shop Boys song Pananero.


- Nick

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Cap Blackard said...

"Jimmy Dean Loved Marylin" is such and insane collection of pop culture references. It's fascinating to see major 80s films and their lasting relevance collected so compactly from a source within the decade.