Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Evening Together (Media PODluck #1)

Escaping to a secluded cabin in North Carolina, Cap and Nick discuss some of their favorite Christmas music, moments, and memories. Enjoy an eclectic mix of music across the decades as well as reflections on the holidays; including how to kill a boar, how holiday music playing in steak restaurants can be life changing, and a Floridian answer to snow. Listen in as two friends share a Christmas evening together.

Enjoy some photos from the trip.

Media Potluck: A Christmas Evening Together

Mannheim Steamroller - "Carol Of The Bells"
Wendy & Lisa featuring Seal - "The Closing Of The Year"
Robert Goulet - "He's Gonna Take Away Our Christmas"
Jon Anderson - "2,000 Years" / "Forest of Fire"
Le Knight Club - "Holiday On Ice" / "Santa Claus"
The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (The Venture Brothers) - "Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy"
Michael Kamen (Die Hard Soundtrack) - "The Nakatomi Plaza" / "Welcome To The Party" / "Ode To Joy"
The Avalanches - "Winter Wonderland"
The Four Seasons - "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
Kate Bush - "December Will Be Magic Again" (Alternate Mix)
Dan Phillips - "Jingles Are Jingles"
Crash Test Dummies - "White Christmas"
John Williams - "Somewhere In My Memory"
Max Headroom - "Merry Christmas Santa Claus (You're a Lovely Guy)"
Erasure - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Jethro Tull - "Fire At Midnight"
Michael Iceberg - "Olympic Suite: Mt. Olympus" / "Forest Rains" / "Penguins In Love" / "Imagine Finale" / "Epilogue: Flashbacks"

*Titles link to most relevant content on the internets.

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Cap Blackard said...

Wow, okay... you know how I mentioned that 3 Ships was out of print?

Not any more, baby!

screaming said...

Why can't I get the podcast to play? I'm confused.

Media Potluck said...

Where you able to unzip the rar file? It should just be an mp3 file inside.

screaming said...

I'll give it another try.